LINA HERNANDEZ is a jewelry brand for women which conveys the joy of living with metropolitan dynamism.
Her designs stand as everyday items based on a magical and spiritual journey on the empowering of women.
Each one of LH pieces is handmade in Colombia, every process is the result between creativity, high quality technic and magic.


Her designs are inspired by the books she reads, the movies she sees, the Colombian imaginarium, her spiritual search and her
travel experiences. Her own store at Bogota is the full representation of this magical concept.

You can also find her designs in Barcelona, Madrid, Tarifa, Paris, Berlin, Miami, New York, Oaxaca (Mexico ) and Buenos Aires.


Lina Hernandez was born in Bogota, Colombia. She graduated as an industrial designer from the Universidad Javeriana, studied
jewelry in Mompox, capital of the art of filigree, has a Masters degree in Fashion Design at the Elisava School in Barcelona.
She has three specializations in different jewelry techniques at the Escola Massana.

After three years of living in Barcelona she embarked on another trip, this time to Buenos Aires where she specialized in leather
handbags to extend the range of her products.She currently has her own store in a beautiful street in Bogota full of new and
emergent designers.

She now is living in New York bringing her magical planet to the world.

The basis of her style is to always carry forward the joy of living, the basic concept in her life and her collections.

lina hernandez jewelry
lina hernnadez jewelry